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SKM High School


  • 28th May,1956 Establishment of the Sarvoday Kelavani Mandal.
  • June-1956 Beginning of std.8th in the house of Late Shri Mamjibhai Alimad Mukhi.
  • 1957-58 Trust Acquired the Land.
  • 1959 Constructed the half structure of the school building.
  • June-1959 Starting of the S.S.C. Class and Institution became granted.
  • June -1960 First batch of S.S.C. Remaining half structure completed.
  • June-1976 Started Higher Secondary Section.
  • June-1987 Started Home Science Subject for girls and Electric Gadgets for boys.
  • 1988-89 Constructed Home Science Laboratory.
  • 1990-91 Constructed new four rooms on the secondary building. Started Scout Guide and N.S.S. activities.
  • March-1995 Tube-well in the School Donation given by R.K.Palasara Pariwar
  • Nov.-1995 A large sum of donation was given by Dawoodi Bohra Welfare Trust, Mumbai. For Higher Secondary Building Construction.
  • June- 1996 Constructed H.S.C. building and started Science Stream
  • Aug,15, 1996 Four decayed celebration Manek Mahotsav (Completed forty years) 
  • 1997 Constructed Library and A.N.Musa Computer Centre. 
  • 2002 Up gradation renovation of School office and trust office. 
  • 2003 S.S.C. / H.S.C Central examination centre 
  • 2003 S.S.C. / H.S.C. Central Assessment centre. 
  • 2004 Established new Computer room with LAN System for 8th to 10th class students. 
  • 2005 Construction of the Computer Lab. as well as classrooms for the Higher Secondary Students (in Progress). 
  • Even though there were lot of literate people in kanodar, old public library which was establised long time before remains closed. Few young people thought of reopening it again.
  • Finally, On 15th August 1987 Public library was started again in a rented place. Eventually people started showing their interest in reading books, Also grant was given by Government in the same year. Hence, Association formed. Hovever this was not it. Association thought of having own place to run library. Where there is a will there is a way. Music programme was arranged in feb 1992. Fund were still short to build a Office.
  • With the help of Mr. Miyajibhai V. Musabji, association could get donation worth Rs. 1 Lakh.
  • Another Rs. 52,676.00 was arrange from Banaskantha Aayojan Mandal.
  • On 4th November 1994 Library was inaugrated.
  • Statistic of Library today is as follow: 
  • 1. 1400 Books 
  • 2. 28 kind of Newletters and Magazines
  • To Provide better education to the students and keep pace with the growing world.
  • To enable the students to go to the advanced fields.
  • To provide better educational facilities and to setup higher standard in all the fields.
  • To spread education among the girls and to start higher institutions for them.
  • To encourage the students to take part in co curricular activities, Debate and Sports and games.
  • To enable the students to succeed in the competitive exams and to be self- reliant.