Non Government Organisation and non-profit organisation work with villagers, volunteers, and donors. Come ahead and help this organization to grow to the level they hope to reach.

Ascent Foundation Kanodar

Aadarsh Sarvajanik Library (આદર્શ સાર્વજનિક લાઈબ્રેરી) was made and is being operated successfully by the foundation along with many other activities that benefit the community. This foundation has helped the community in facets of ways. Read More...

The Mahedi Social Welfare Foundation

In the year 2008 a young generation took initiative to help students who wanted to go abroad for further studies, but they were unable put their plans into action due to an economical problem. To solve this problem the Mahedi Foundation came up with an idea to collect papers and recycle (પસ્તિ) them. Through this they were able to make more income to run the organization. Read More...

Kanodar Youth Club (KYG)