Shia Isna-Ashari Jamat

Our ancestors only 17 people had adopted Shia'ism in Kanodar, Gujarat.

Now there are one thousand families (around 5000 people) of Shia Ithna Ashri Momin Jamat, located at Kanodar (Ta:-Palanpur,Dist-Banas Kantha, North Gujarat, on Ahmedabad Delhi High Way), which is a famous place for the Azadari Programme held on the 22nd of Safar every year at Husain Tekri, Kanodar.

The Azadari Programme is organized by Anjumane Aza-e-Husain, Kanodar est. since 1964. There are three holy shrines (Shabih) 1.Hazarat Imam Husain (a.s) 2.Hazarat Abbas (a.s) 3.Sani-e-Zahra Janabe Zainab (a.s), a Mosque (Masjid), rooms for Zai'rin and a big shade for Majlis-e-Aja at Husain Takeri Campus.


In 1920, our ancestors constructed a Madrasa-e-Tarakkia-e-Islam with the purpose of imparting Islamic education (Dini Talim), holding prayer meetings know as Majlis and various other religious programs. Around 50 years back, a Jumah Mosque was built which is also known as the Minar of Hidayat.

As families grew in number during 1975 Madrasa-e-Tarakkia-e-Islam was renovated. At present, about 500 children are acquiring Dini Talim in this Madrasa. In 1982, with a view to improve education at the higher Education level of Quran and Hadis (Aalim), a school called Hauz-e-Ilmiya was built with a hostel accomodation. Hauz-e-Ilmiya is located on Husain Tekri Road.

A lot of other sects of Islam have converted to Shia'ism with more expected in the future. With this view in mind, the present capacity of the Madrassa and the Mosque would be insufficient and therefore a further expansion is expected.

Jafari Youth Federation

In 1989 the Jafari Youth Federation, Kanodar Unit, was formed for the development of the youth who can engage themselves in social and religious activities.

Jafari Channel

The Jafari Radio Channel was started in 1998 with the success of a lot of religious activity. Through this channel Islamic Programmes are broadcasted every morning and evening connected to approx. 400 families.

Jafari English School

The Jafari English School was established by the Jafari Education Society of Kanodar in 1994 with the help of N.R.I.'s (particularly living in Saudi Arabia). At present, there are 150 students in this school.

Taha Muslemin Trust

In 1995, The Taha Muslemin Trust was established with the aim to help build houses, to assist the community’s sick, provide to the poor students with financial aid for higher education. Shia Ithna Ashari Momin Jamat Kanodar recently purchased a building at Shahpur, Ahmedabad for businessmen, students, patients, etc as a facility for their stay. Likewise, the same facilities can be availed by the brethren in Bombay at Two Tanks, Saat Rasta and Jogeshwari.

Brother In Faith,


Shia Ithana Ashari Momin Jamat Kanodar,

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